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Section I.   Overview

Welcome – A Message from the Provost

Welcome to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). UIC is multi-faceted. Our undergraduate population has no racial or ethnic majority and is among the most diverse in the nation. The campus is engaged with the neighborhoods of Chicago, the rural areas of Illinois, and the urban and underserved areas throughout the US and the world. We have the highest expectation and standards for the excellence of the scholarship, discovery, innovation, creativity, teaching, health care provision, and social justice work of our faculty.

Your role in advancing this ambitious and critical mission brings with it a complex set of privileges, responsibilities  and rewards, to yourself, your colleagues, our students, your area of scholarship, to UIC, to the U of I, to Chicago, to Illinois, and to humankind. Our community is fully committed to supporting you as you navigate this complex and amazing campus. We know that as you progress in your career, you too will help those that come after you as they join our mission.

Welcome again to the UIC Family and the UIC Community.

Susan Poser signature

Susan Poser,
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

The UIC Faculty Handbook is produced and maintained by the Office of Faculty Affairs Human Resources. The information contained in this Handbook is applicable to the faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago only. Any questions regarding information contained on this site or for assistance in locating specific information not found at this site, please contact ayudt@uic.edu.


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