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Table of Contents

Section I: Overview
Section II:   University Governance and Organization
Section III: General University Policies
Section IV:   New Employee Information
Section V: Faculty Appointments
Section VI:  Policies Governing Faculty Appointments
Section VII:   Leaves and Release Time (paid and unpaid)
Section VIII:  Health and Safety
Section IX: Compensation and Salary
Section X:    Benefits and Services
Section XI: Discipline and Grievances
Section XII: The UIC Environment
Appendix I:  Faculty Benefits Summary Table
Appendix II:    The Human Resources Offices and Other Resources
Appendix III:  Acronyms
Appendix IV: Life/Work-Friendly Policies and Programs

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Section I.         Overview

Section II.       University Governance and Organization

  • Campus Organization and Government
    • The Faculty
    • The Department:  Head and Advisory Committee or Chair and Executive Committee
    • The College:  Dean and Executive Committee
    • The School:  Dean or Director
    • The Colleges and School at UIC
    • The Graduate College
    • The Honors College
    • The University Library
    • Institutes, Centers and Similar Campus Units:  Director
    • Chancellors, Provosts and Vice Chancellors
  • Advisory Groups
    • UIC Senate
    • Faculty Advisory Committee
    • Chancellor’s Status Committees
  • University Organization and Government
    • Board of Trustees:  Statutes and General Rules
    • Presidents and Vice Presidents
    • University Senates Conference
  • State Authority Over the University
  • The University Budget                  

Section III.      General University Policies

  1. Access to Personnel Records
  2. Affirmative Action Statement
  3. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Statement
  4. Annual Statement of Economic Interest Process
  5. Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct and Protection from Reprisal
  6. Employment Accommodation Policy
  7. Nepotism/Employment of Relatives
  8. Nondiscrimination Statement
  9. Program Evaluation Guidebook
  10. Conflicts of Commitment and Interest - Report of Non-University Actitvities (RNUA)
  11. University Sexual Harassment Policy and Campus Procedures
  12. State Officials and Employee Ethics Act
  13. Statement on a Drug-Free Workplace
  14. University Code of Conduct
  15. University of Illinois Social Security Policy

Section IV.      New Employee Information

  1. Faculty Orientation
  2. NESSIE New Hire/Online Services
  3. ID Card
  4. Getting Around:  Transportation and Parking
  5. Getting Started:  Using Computing Services at UIC
  6. New Faculty Checklist

Section V.        Faculty Appointments

  1. General Appointments Principles/Types
    1. Academic Year Appointments
    2. Annual Appointments
    3. Ten-Month Appointments
    4. Summer Appointments
  2. Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty/Appointments
    1. Assistant Professor
    2. Associate Professor
    3. Professor
    4. Initial Term (“Q”) Appointment for New Associate and Full Professor
  3. Non-Tenured Faculty/Appointments
    1. Clinical Faculty
    2. Research Faculty
    3. Special Written Agreement for Definite Term (“W”) Appointments
    4. Lecturers and Instructors
    5. Visiting and Adjunct in Faculty Titles
  4. Other Non-Tenured Appointments Associated with Faculty
  5. Non-Salaried/Courtesy Appointments
  6. Faculty Appointments to the Graduate College
  7. Named Chair/Faculty Appointments
  8. International Faculty
  9. Faculty Position Announcements
  10. Termination of Employment
    1. Notice of Nonreappointment for Non-Tenured Faculty
    2. Resignation
    3. Retirement
    4. Method of Final Payment/Service
    5. Death and Survivors’ Benefits
    6. Emeritus/Emerita Status
    7. Retiree’s Benefits
  11. Re-Employment of University of Illinois Retirees

Section VI.      Policies Governing Faculty Appointments

  1. Academic Freedom and Faculty Responsibility
  2. Annual Evaluation of Faculty
  3. English Proficiency
  4. Faculty Awards
  5. Faculty Mentoring Program
  6. Minority Impact Statement   
  7. Partner Accommodation Policy
  8. Policy on Academic Integrity
  9. Policy on Academic Misconduct
  10. Promotion and Tenure Policy and Guidelines
    1. Counting/Not Counting Initial Partial Year and Previous Services
    2. Mid- Probationary Review
    3. Tenure Rollback/Hold
    4. Track Switching
    5. Non-Retention in Year Six (6) of Probationary Period/Final 'Q' Contract
  11. Under-Represented Faculty Recruitment Policy

Section VII.     Leaves and Release Time (paid and unpaid)

  1. Blood/Blood Platelet Donor
  2. Jury Duty
  3. Leaves
    1. Disability Leave
    2. Disaster Service Volunteer Leave (DSVLA)
    3. Educational Leave
    4. Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
    5. Family Military Leave
    6. Funeral/Bereavement Leave
    7. Leave of Absence without Pay
    8. Military Leave
    9. Parental Leave
    10. Sabbatical Leave
    11. Sick Leave
    12. Victims Economic Security and Safety Leave (VESSA)
    13. Vacation
  4. Modified Duties for a Faculty Member with a Child
  5. Organ/Bone Marrow Donor
  6. Shared Benefits Program
  7. University Holidays

Section VIII.   Health and Safety

Section IX.      Compensation and Salary

Section X.        Benefits and Services

Section XI.      Discipline and Grievances

Section XII.     The UIC Environment


Appendix I:  Faculty Benefits Summary Table

Appendix II:  The Human Resources Offices and Other Resources

Appendix III:  Acronyms

Appendix IV Life/Work-Friendly Policies and Programs



The UIC Faculty Handbook is produced and maintained by the Office of Faculty Affairs Human Resources. The information contained in this Handbook is applicable to the faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago only. Any questions regarding information contained on this site or for assistance in locating specific information not found at this site, please contact ayudt@uic.edu.

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